Top Airlines Ranked by Customer Satisfaction 2022

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Whether you're traveling for pleasure or business, getting on a plane is not the part of your trip that you look forward to. As if flying isn’t bad enough, the cramped sitting space and the dreaded airplane food make it worse. However, many airlines are now focusing more and more on making your flight more enjoyable and comfortable. Here are some of the top-ranked airlines that will make your flying experience much better.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

New Zealand might not be the biggest country when it comes to size, but its flag carrier airline is one of the very best in the world. It has a fleet of over 65 planes that fly to around 50 destinations around the globe. Most customers find very little to complain about with this airline; although some customers find the economy class seating to be a bit cramped, the premium economy option is considered to be of great value. The airline is known for its impeccable service and friendly staff. Customers generally rate the food, drink, inflight entertainment, and overall comfort level quite highly. It is an all-around great airline and a great bang for your buck.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Most airlines in the US aren’t known for their comfort and customer service, but Southwest Airlines has been able to distinguish itself from the pack over the past half a century. It has a trip advisor rating of 4.5 out of 5 with more than 35,000 reviews. This not only makes it one of the largest low-cost carrier airlines of its kind in the US but all over the world.

With one of the biggest fleets in the world with over 750 planes, Southwest Airlines flies to around 100 destinations around the globe, however, the customer service never suffers under the company's scale. Customers find the check-in process quick and simple and love the fact that you don't get charged extra for checked bags which hardly ever happens with low-cost carriers.



EVA air stands for Evergreen Airways and is the second-largest Taiwanese airline. Based out of Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, EVA Air has been operating passenger and dedicated cargo services to over 40 destinations around the world for the last 30 years. With a fleet size of 87 planes that fly to over 62 locations, EVA Air will take you anywhere you want to go around the world.

As far as comfort is concerned most passengers are pleasantly surprised by the amount of space and comfort they experience regardless of the class that they are flying in, plus the airline has struck just the right balance between price and comfort with their premium economy option.

Moreover, the food is way better than what you generally get on budget flights, especially when you consider the price points, which are more than fair. Whether you opt to fly on your own, with your partner, or with your family, you just can’t go wrong with EVA.



Based out of Dubai, UAE, Emirates has been operational since 1985 and has been raising flying standards all over the world ever since. With over 250 planes in its fleet that fly to around 160 different locations around the world, Emirates is the largest airline of its kind in the middle east. Plus emirates has a 4.5-star rating out of 5 on trip advisor based on more than 50,000 reviews, so you can certainly expect a high level of satisfaction.

Emirates has always been a step ahead of all its competitors when it comes to cutting-edge tech and high levels of comfort. Back in the early 90s, they were one of the very first airlines to provide their customers with in-flight entertainment which has only gotten better with time. Moreover, Emirates luxury options are amongst the very best in the world; not only do you get a seat that turns into a bed, but you also get some of the best food and entertainment options ever.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the flag carrier airline of Qatar and knows exactly how to take care of its passengers regardless of their budget. If you opt for business or first-class travel, you will end up having the most comfortable flight ever. Not only do you get a seat that turns into a bed you also get tons of dining options to choose from.

Even in the economy, however, you won't have to worry about space. Customers rave about the level of comfort and the extra legroom they get between seats. You also get free access to wifi for an hour which is always a plus. Although the food options are limited to three choices for the economy fliers, the quality and taste are second to none.

With a fleet of more than 230 planes, Qatar Airways flies to 172 locations in 80 different countries around the globe.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Coming in at number one is the flag carrier airline of Singapore: Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines’ unparalleled attention to detail when it comes to customer service and comfort is what makes it one of the very best airlines around the world. Not only is it ranked highly by its customers, but it also appears on the Forbes list of top 50 most admired companies around the world. It has a fleet size of 62 planes that fly to 130 different locations around the globe

Although the business and first-class options are as impeccable as Emirates and Qatar airlines, the economy class is second to none. No other airline provides such a pleasant experience to its economy fliers. Plus with a highly trained team of chefs, you get access to premium food regardless of your flying class. If you opt for the luxury options, you also have the option to pre-select your main courses for all meal services.

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