11 of the Best Turkish Resorts for 2022 Holidays

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Turkey is a popular holiday destination for a lot of people, whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple or friends, it’s the perfect destination for all. However, it can be hard when it comes to finding the best resorts in Turkey. There is a wide variety of Turkish resorts, all located in different areas around Turkey. It all depends on what you’re after and the type of holiday you’re wanting, for what resort would be best for you.

It might be that you’re after a relaxing beach holiday, next to the sparkling waters with an all-inclusive hotel to enjoy. On the other hand, you might be wanting a more adventurous holiday, with lots to do. Whatever you’re wanting, there is a great variety of Turkish resorts, and here are our favourites for 2022.


Dalaman is well known for being part of the turquoise coast, with amazing blue waters and white sands, there is a great variety of resorts. This is a great destination for families and couples as you can find great beaches, restaurants and spend evenings relaxing at the marinas. If you’re wanting to explore a bit more inland, then you can discover the forests, mud baths and tombs in the cliffsides. As well as this, you can also take a boat ride from this area, to the Greek island of Rhodes. Dalaman is a great Turkish resort, for those that love to enjoy the beach, but also for those that like to explore and be adventurous. This area, has a bit of everything.

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The picture-perfect Oludeniz, is one of the gems of Turkey. Here you can find the Blue Flag beach and Blue Lagoon, which is what makes this area stand out even more, against the rest of Turkey. At Blue Lagoon, you can find the brightest blue waters, making it an incredible and unforgettable swimming place. if you’re into your adventures, then you can go parachuting off the Babadag Mountain. If this is a bit too much out your comfort zone, then you can try out the Olundeniz Water World, which is a great place for families to enjoy a day out. In the evenings, you can enjoy the bars and restaurants in the area too. This is another great Turkish resort, for both families and couples, with such a great variety to do, as well as some stunning views.

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Antalya is known for being part of the Turkish Riviera, which has beaches that stretch on for 400 miles. If you’re after a beach holiday, then this is definitely a great resort in Turkey for you. Not only does it come with lovely long beaches, you can also explore the old town and ancient ruins, which are definitely worth exploring. This is a great place for those that like to explore and discover new things and take in some of the history and culture of the town. Again, Antalya provides a great option between a relaxing holiday and being able to discover some of the town’s history too.

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In English, Altinkum translates to golden sands, which is one of the resorts main attractions. Altinkum merges into Didim, so you essentially get two holiday resorts, for the price of one, along with three beaches. It’s hard to miss the beaches that are here that stretch a kilometre across the coastline, so there’s plenty to explore and relax on. This is a very tourist-friendly place during both the day and night, so perfect for anyone visiting. This is a great Turkish resort for those that love to relax and enjoy the sea and beach.



The mountain-backed Icmeler is placed close to Marmaris, but still far enough away to feel relaxed. The shoreline is a big attraction for family holidays, as it has calm and shallow waters, which is great for those with younger children. As well as the attraction of the great beaches, you can also take a step into what being a local is like and explore the weekly market they have on. This is a great place for families, as the beaches are nice and safe, but also for those that are keen to embrace the culture. It’s still nice and quiet too, so perfect for relaxing.


Marmaris is perhaps one of the better places for couples and friends travelling together, due to the buzzing bars and parties it holds. It features a trendy marina and beach bars, perfect for enjoying some cocktails with a view. However, there is a more traditional side to this resort, as well as the great atmosphere it comes with. It has its own castle and old town, with narrow streets which work their way up the hillside. In the central square, you can find an amazing fountain show, great for some entertainment whilst enjoying some food and drink. For those wanting something a bit more adventurous and fun, you can also check out the waterpark they have. Marmaris is a great Turkish resort for couples and friends, that like to enjoy food and drinks and like to explore the local culture in the old town too.



Bodrum has a bit of something, for everyone. Houses stack up the hillside behind the castle, great for those wanting to explore the history and culture of the resort. It also has a marina and beaches to enjoy, which also neighbours Gumbet, great for nightlife. However, if the busy nightlife isn’t for you, then you can explore the quieter side to Bodrum. You can hire boats and explore the quieter beaches, traditional villages and hidden coves along the shore. This resort is great for both a busy and quiet area. As there are 2 sides to it, you can get the best of both worlds, and it’s especially great for those wanting to explore some culture.

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Belek comes with a 10-mile-long golden beach, luxurious hotels and is only 30 minutes away from the airport, so great for if you’re not wanting to spend much time travelling. This is a great resort for the outdoor types, as there is plenty to explore and enjoy here. You can take a trip exploring the mountains on a buggy or Jeep safari, or have a go on the rapids on a rafting excursion. If you’re a golf lover, then Belek is also home to Turkey’s top golf destination. This is a great for those adventure types, that are wanting to keep busy, but also great for those that still want to relax, thanks to the amazing long beaches it has.




If you’re after some great night life, then Gumbet is the resort for you. Rumour has it, it has more bars per square mile, than anywhere else in Turkey. Here you can find some bars along the beachfront, great for enjoying some cocktails, whilst chilled out and enjoying the scenery. Then, if you’re wanting to explore a bit more of the nightlife, you can make your way towards Bar Street. Here, you can find all sorts of parties, so perfect for those that enjoy going out. This isn’t a resort for everyone, but definitely a good place for couples and friends travelling together and wanting to enjoy a good time together.

Lara Beach

Lara Beach

Lara Beach is one of the best resorts in Turkey, for a bit of glamour. It’s often described as being Turkey’s answer to Las Vegas, as it’s the glitziest and most glam coastal resort. Here, you can find a long stretch of luxury hotels, along the five-mile beachfront that feature some amazing facilities and entertainment including pool bars, world-class spas and fine dining. Some of the hotels even come with their own beaches or private jets for water sports. As well as the amazing wealth and glamour, it is also only a 20-minute drive to the city and airport. This is definitely a resort for those that like to splash out and enjoy a more glamorous and luxurious holiday, and this is certainly the destination for just that.



As well as the amazing beach and holiday resorts you can find in Turkey, there is also another part to Turkey, perfect for skiing. Located in the highest mountain in Anatolia, is one of the best ski resorts in Turkey. It features 14 ski lifts and has an altitude of 3000m. as well as this, it’s also located just 30 minutes from the airport, so there’s not far to travel once you’re there. This is one of the best infrastructures out of all the Turkish ski resorts and perfect for the average skier. Skiing isn’t for everyone, but this is a great resort to try out, if that’s something you’re into.


Turkey is very well known for its amazing weather and incredible beaches, as well as the great culture of the old towns and history that there is to explore. However, there is another side to Turkey, great for skiing, that has some great ski resorts to enjoy too. No matter what type of holiday you’re after, whether it’s hot, cold, relaxing or adventurous, there’s something for everyone in Turkey to enjoy and a resort that can cater for all your needs.

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