11 of the Best Holiday Destinations in Greece for Families 2022

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Greece is a very popular holiday destination, for all types of people. Whether it’s a friend’s trip, couples’ getaway or family holiday, there’s a Greek island for it all. With Greece being divided into different islands, it gives you a great variety of different holiday destinations, with each one being different and offering different things.

After the past year or so, it’s no doubt that a lot of families are searching for the perfect holiday destination, to enjoy together. So why not take a look at the best family Greek islands? Greece is an excellent location, with great weather too, so perfect for a holiday destination. Below, you can find the best family Greek islands. With a variety of places available to visit, it’s great to learn about them to determine, which is the best suited for you and your family. From sandy beaches and water sports to discovering the history and culture, there’s something for every family.


Rhodes is the largest of Dodecanese islands and is well known for the historic old town, ancient ruins and beach resorts it has to offer. The beaches are great for families, with soft sand and some with shallow waters down the eastern coast. The resorts are awesome for families with water sports facilities, kids’ clubs, restaurants and cafes, meaning there’s something for everyone, whilst keeping relaxed. If you’re wanting more than just the resort, then you can spend time at the beaches or explore some of the history in the old town. Rhodes is a top destination in Greece for families, with plenty to do there, to keep everyone busy.


Crete is another amazing destination in Greece for families, with ancient history on offer, but also family-friendly resorts and hotels. Europe’s oldest civilization-built places with amazing decorations and enjoyed bull leaping back in Crete from 3000BC to 1400BC. There’s lots of history to learn about, so if you’re a family that likes to discover the history of the area, then this is a great place, as there’s so much to see and learn. On the other hand, it’s also great for families with kids, with caves to discover and enjoy. As well as this, Crete comes with pristine beaches. Crete is the biggest island in Greece, so it offers amazing coastal landscapes, mountains, valleys and hills. There really is something for everyone on this island. So, if you’re wanting to enjoy the history, the sandy beaches or be one with nature, there is all of this available in Crete.




Corfu is a great place to visit in Greece for families, as it’s the most family-friendly Greek island. As well as this, it’s also known as the most beautiful places in Greece, located in the Ionian Sea. There is family friendly hotel with water activities beaches, waterparks and much more for kids and families to do together. It’s one of the best family Greek islands to visit, as there’s plenty to do, whilst also being able to sit back and relax.


Paxos is one of the least commercial Greek islands and is well loved by Wealthy Italians and known for having outstanding seafood restaurants. This is the perfect little Mediterranean hideaway, with pebbled beaches and incredibly turquoise sea. It’s a slow and leisurely pace on the island, great for having a chilled holiday on the beach. You can hire a boat and explore the cliffs and caves along the coast, great for families to do together. If you’re wanting a quiet and relaxing holiday, then this is the best family Greek island.




The Greek Island of Zakynthos is well known for its pretty landscapes, incredible beaches and turquoise waters. If you’re wanting to explore the island, then some top spots to visit include Solomos Square, Venetian Castle and the Port of Zakynthos. It’s blessed with good weather and great for beach hopping, with a popular activity for kids. There are a variety of beaches located along the western coast, which are great for those with children due to warm and shallow waters. There is also a variety of water activities to keep them busy and a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles can be found at Kalamaki beach. There is also a waterpark on the island as well as a wildlife park, so lots of variety of activities to enjoy. This is a great destination in Greece for families, as there’s so much to do there, whilst still being able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and have some time to relax.



The island of Lefkada is renowned for the coastline with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, along with the Venetian architecture. The island is connected to the mainland of Greece with a floating bridge and therefore, it’s popular for people visiting by car as it’s easy to get to. It’s a great destination in Greece for families as it has plenty on offer from theatre plays, music festivals and a range of sports. The beaches are great for relaxing on and horseback rising is a popular experience on the island. You can also discover the nature and hidden gems of the island, as well as exploring the castle of the 10th century.



Paros is a small island great for exploring easily and a good family destination in Greece. The islanders love children, so if you’re a family travelling with kids, then you’ll be sure to get a warm welcome. In total, Paros has 35 beaches, with most of them being secluded with calm waves, perfect for families. There are also water sports on offer including kite surfing, windsurfing and sailing. Some beaches also have diving opportunities too. If you’re not a water lover, then you can also explore the pretty villages and there’s also boat trips to explore the surrounding islands. This is a great destination in Greece for families if you’re wanting somewhere smaller and quieter, but still with a variety of things to do then this is a great place to visit.



Mykonos is well known for being a party island, but it does have another side to it, that is perfect for families. There are lots of great family-friendly accommodation and plenty to do there. There good beaches with calm waters and water activities, so again, plenty to do and especially for those with children. It’s a good destination to enjoy a few days on to explore the towns, enjoy some local food and relax at the beaches.




Milos is a small yet stunning Greek Island and the size of the island, is what is most appealing to families. There are many beaches, with some only reachable by boat. You can take a day cruise on a catamaran or sailboat, which is a great family activity for everyone to enjoy. As well as the beaches to enjoy and relax on, there is also the sand museum, which is a great activity for kids. Due to the island being small, the main things to do here is to explore all the beaches it has, so if you’re a family that enjoy the beach and sea, this is the perfect Greek island for you.



Santorini can be well known for its romance and great for couples to visit, however, it can also be a destination for kids and families. The historic volcanic activity has left behind beautiful scenery, including red and black beaches to explore. However, the only thing about Santorini is that there is a lot of hills and stairs, which young children may struggle with. It’s got incredible scenery and views, along with great beaches to enjoy.



Naxos is a great place to visit for those with kids, as its larger area with lots of activities on offer. There is Naxos town to discover, which is more ideal as it has less steps than Santorini. The beaches are all family-friendly, with water sports activities for kids too. The shallow waters stretch out, so it’s perfect for those with younger children that are wanting to enjoy the sea. In Naxos, you can find the 2500-year-old marble ruin of Apollo’s door, which provides an incredible spot for watching the sunset. This is an excellent destination in Greece for families, with plenty to do and discover.


As you can see from the list above, there are so many different places to visit and explore in Greece. From some well-known islands, to some you may not have heard of before, there’s plenty to do at each location. With all Greek islands, you can almost guarantee to enjoy incredible beaches, scenery and the sea. With most places too, you can enjoy some of its history, culture and the amazing food they have to offer. Whether you’re a family travelling with young kids or not, all of these destinations are great, as there’s activities for everyone. However, if you’re wanting a relaxing time away, the Greek islands are also great for this, as there’s endless amounts of incredible beaches to discover and enjoy. No matter where you visit in Greece, you can guarantee it will be a beautiful place to experience.

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